Looking for a Writing Community?

With writing being the solitary path that it is, and bringing about the isolation that it does, being a part of a writing community can be a sanity keeper. It always is, when you find people who understand you. It always is, when you can share your ideas and have honest editorial advice and critiques.

I will warn you this. When joining a writing community it is not enough to post your work and wait for the comments to come rolling in. Like writing a novel, you can’t just put it out there and wait for the money to come rolling in. In a community, you have to get involved. You have to edit, comment, and critique works before people will take notice of yours. Being a part of a community takes time. It takes commitment. Well, of course. All friendships do, and being a part of any community involves nurturing lasting friendships.

Deciding which community (or communities) to join will depend entirely on you. Do you want a fan fiction scene? Do you want to post chapters weekly? Are you looking for a publisher’s notice? Or are you thinking of making your finished work into an eBook?

Writing Communities:

1. http://figment.com/

Read, Write, and Talk

2. www.pottermore.com

Harry Potter fan?

3. www.bookcountry.com

Read, Review, and Publishing Option

4. www.wattpad.com

Read, Write, Share

5. http://www.writerscafe.org/

Online Writing Community

6. http://community.harlequin.com/

Group for Harlequin lovers

7. https://www.authonomy.com/

Join an online community where writers become authors and great books get published.

8. https://fictionpad.com/

Read, Write, and Discuss fanfiction

Some More Awesome:

1. http://nanowrimo.org/

November 1-30 National Novel Writing Month

2. http://labs.triggerstreet.com/

Feedback Exposure and Opportunity

3. http://www.abctales.com/

Read, Write and Discuss

4. http://www.deviantart.com/

A place for artists of every kind

5. www.goodreads.com

Everything books

6. http://bksp.org/

Online writer’s organization

7. https://www.netgalley.com/

“If you’re a reviewer, blogger, journalist, librarian, bookseller, educator, or in the media, get a FREE NetGalley account to request and read digital galleys”

8. https://www1.lightningsource.com/default.aspx

Print Publishing Services and then some

Side Note: Writing a book is a mountain of hard work – let’s face it. If you’ve decided you want to publish your novel into an eBook (and your book has been professionally edited and you have a professional designer in mind), check out some of these eBook publishers.

1. http://www.bookbaby.com

2. https://www.createspace.com/

3. http://www.kobo.com/writinglife

4. http://www.lulu.com/create/ebooks

5. https://www.nookpress.com/

6. http://www.booktango.com/