Looking for a Writing Community?

With writing being the solitary path that it is, and bringing about the isolation that it does, being a part of a writing community can be a sanity keeper. It always is, when you find people who understand you. It always is, when you can share your ideas and have honest editorial advice and critiques.

I will warn you this. When joining a writing community it is not enough to post your work and wait for the comments to come rolling in. Like writing a novel, you can’t just put it out there and wait for the money to come rolling in. In a community, you have to get involved. You have to edit, comment, and critique works before people will take notice of yours. Being a part of a community takes time. It takes commitment. Well, of course. All friendships do, and being a part of any community involves nurturing lasting friendships.

Deciding which community (or communities) to join will depend entirely on you. Do you want a fan fiction scene? Do you want to post chapters weekly? Are you looking for a publisher’s notice? Or are you thinking of making your finished work into an eBook?

Writing Communities:

1. http://figment.com/

Read, Write, and Talk

2. www.pottermore.com

Harry Potter fan?

3. www.bookcountry.com

Read, Review, and Publishing Option

4. www.wattpad.com

Read, Write, Share

5. http://www.writerscafe.org/

Online Writing Community

6. http://community.harlequin.com/

Group for Harlequin lovers

7. https://www.authonomy.com/

Join an online community where writers become authors and great books get published.

8. https://fictionpad.com/

Read, Write, and Discuss fanfiction

Some More Awesome:

1. http://nanowrimo.org/

November 1-30 National Novel Writing Month

2. http://labs.triggerstreet.com/

Feedback Exposure and Opportunity

3. http://www.abctales.com/

Read, Write and Discuss

4. http://www.deviantart.com/

A place for artists of every kind

5. www.goodreads.com

Everything books

6. http://bksp.org/

Online writer’s organization

7. https://www.netgalley.com/

“If you’re a reviewer, blogger, journalist, librarian, bookseller, educator, or in the media, get a FREE NetGalley account to request and read digital galleys”

8. https://www1.lightningsource.com/default.aspx

Print Publishing Services and then some

Side Note: Writing a book is a mountain of hard work – let’s face it. If you’ve decided you want to publish your novel into an eBook (and your book has been professionally edited and you have a professional designer in mind), check out some of these eBook publishers.

1. http://www.bookbaby.com

2. https://www.createspace.com/

3. http://www.kobo.com/writinglife

4. http://www.lulu.com/create/ebooks

5. https://www.nookpress.com/

6. http://www.booktango.com/


No Tabs

When new to learning how to format eBooks properly, my advice is to take it one day at a time else you will go insane. Myself, I am learning this. I never would have imaged how much work is involved. Can’t I just write it, upload it, and BOOM it’s an eBook?

The answer is no.

One of the things that’s tricky when formatting eBooks is saying no to tabs. I love the tab button. I use it every day, all the time. Now I learn that I have to get rid of all my tabs in order to format my eBook.


Luckily for me, Vienna isn’t overly lengthy (but it’s still long enough). So how to get rid of all those tabs without it taking forever?

My new best friend: I press the Ctrl key and H key together.

blog post

In the ‘Find What’ type ^t (for tabs) and leave the ‘Replace With’ blank. I click on ‘Replace All’ with my mouse, and BOOM no more tabs. (Although, do a quick check over your manuscript to make sure all the tabs got the boot)

Next I am going to select the entire text (or what I want indented).

blog post 1

‘Page Layout’
‘First Line’ 1.27cm (However, I indented 1.25cm for Vienna)

blog 1.5

And behold, it’s like your tabs never left! (If this way doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, there’s more than one way to get rid of tabs).