Food Photography

I’m certainly new to food photography, and looking back on some of my past attempts at plate-shots, I could really use some pointers.

I love to cook and I love taking pictures- should be a no-brainer. And yet, food photography isn’t that easy.

My First Lesson: practice, practice, practice.

My Next Lesson: lighting is everything. I’ve been informed to use as much natural light as possible (set up shop by a window on a wonderfully sunny day, and play with an adjustable lamp for extra lighting). Never use the built in camera flash.

Next Lesson: Use a tripod

Next Lesson: Play with camera angles (head on, from above, tilt the camera, close up, get creative).

Next Lesson: Be creative: be aware of the small details: Use props: like napkins, ingredients, cutlery, white china. Keep your theme in mind. I’m doing a Christmas family cookbook, focusing on those aspects: Christmas and family.

Prepare the shot: props and presentation: table cloth, ornaments, Christmas tree, candies, bows, presents, and such. Set the scene and create an atmosphere

Next of Many Lessons to Come: Learn more: study, stroll through a bookstore and check out photography books; find pictures you like and figure out why you like them- what makes them good? Practice more. And then comes the editing process…


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