Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Isabel

Isabel 3

“Once upon a time, there was an irresistible girl who stole all our hearts…”

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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Isabel

1. I wanted to write about a girl that was completely and utterly destroyed.

2. All the chapter titles connect.

(First) Prologue Hands of Fate
(Last) Chapter Fifty-Nine His Hands of Fate
Chapter One The Beginning of
Chapter Fifty-Eight The Beginning of
Chapter Two Their Hearts
Chapter Fifty-Seven Their Hearts

3. The first draft of Isabel was selected for publication with the promise that I ‘turn down the flare.’ (I like long, flowery, poetic sentences and paragraphs . . .)

4. The villain was meant to live. The very last chapter was never supposed to exist. The novel was meant to end at Isabel’s hanging.

5. When first imagined, Alex was just a boy instead of the agent of fate, knower of all, and demonic presence that he turned out to be.

6. Mathew and Jacob were based on real people

7. There’s more than one supernatural character in the book

8. IUniverse was determined that I should change the ending completely. I didn’t obey.

9. I wrote ‘meetings’ with my characters in my journals throughout writing the end chapters of the book because I didn’t want the story to end – I didn’t want it to end how it needed to end.

10. The novel’s birthday is November 22!


Vienna’s Cover Released!

viennacover.largeBoth of my amazing covers, Isabel and Vienna, were done by:

My second novel is on its way and will be available in eBook this November! Vienna is a YA fantasy adventure about a cursed princess. Want to read more? Follow either link below to read the first three chapters!