Author Photos

Author Photos can be a pain in the ass. No. They are a pain in the ass. Most authors are camera shy, and looking for advice on the topic can be time well wasted.

My author photo for Isabel was easy. I asked the cover designer if she’d make something up for me. Easy. I didn’t have to do anything but pick out the drawing I liked.

Now for Vienna. I could ask the designer to make something up for me (and honestly, it will probably come to that). But since we haven’t started on the cover yet, for now I’m determined to handle it on my own!

Researching this dangerous fleet, I have collected some advice:

  1. Wear makeup- cover your flaws- don’t use an unflattering photo. Learn what makeup looks best on you, how to apply it properly, or have a professional take the reins on this one.
  2. Hire a professional photographer if you’re just not sure if your photo sucks or not. Don’t use a selfie.
  3. Don’t be too serious
  4. Have consideration for your genre
  5. Consider taking modeling classes
  6. Take your outfit seriously, and learn what looks best for your body type.

Author photos are to help you connect to your readers. Isabel and Vienna are YA novels. As a YA writer, I don’t think I’m required to do any kind of ‘traditional’ photo. I want something fun- but not undignified. I do have to take into consideration that the photo is going to say something about me- who I am, and about my books.

Of course, there’s the option of not having an author photo at all . . .

BTW got a really cool tip for all those who are book signing any time soon. Look up to help increase your sales. Stop turning people away who want to use something other than cash (something that happens to me all the time).